Saturday, March 27, 2010

Figuring it all out--Cry for help!

So, now that I've created this blog, my husband has asked me at least 43 times if I've blogged yet. I tend to be a LOT OCD and a little (sometimes a lot) unable to concentrate on one thing at a time. I told my friend John last night that I can multi-task, just not at the same time. As a result, when I start thinking of things about which I could or would want to write, I think harder about the fact that my profile is lacking, and I want more information on my page as I see others have.

Then I visit my friends' blogs, and I feel even more inadequate. I see this wonderful 9 question blog on my friend Ace's page. I think, dang, I'd like to answer those questions and share with the world, but at the same time, I am plagued by indecision. Is that one of those "chain email" type posts where I'm supposed to copy and paste and change the answers? Or would that be taboo in the blogging world?

What I'm left with is a crossroads with signs pointing in all directions, and I'm not sure which to follow. Where oh where is the instruction manual for these things?

As a side note (another of those thoughts racing through my mind). I am very well aware that there are rules one must follow for grammar and punctuation. I'm a teacher. I spend my life trying to make sure 6th through 8th graders do and say the right thing in the right way. With that said, I'm not getting a grade on this...and I am not stopping to think about run-on sentences and the like...I'm just trying to get my thoughts out there for now....and, by the way....I tend to overuse beware!


  1. You blog will be as you want it. Just work on one thing at a time. Most of it is easy. If I can do it, I know you can.

  2. Stacie,

    Here's what I've been doing about blogging ideas.
    When I come across something I bring up my blog and hit new post and type into it enough so that I remember what I was thinking at that time. [If I'm out, it's paper and pencil until I get home mainly because I haven't figured out how to do it by phone.] Then I go on to something else. This way I have several things "cooking on the back burner" waiting for me to find more info or combine it with something else at a later date.

    As far as grammar and punctuation, run on sentences ... I'm no teacher so, what you see is what you get. Altho, I do have a dictionary on the desk and use it often.

    So if you make a mistake or two, DO NOT worry about them because we all do.

    Miss Em

  3. Thanks, Miss Em for a good suggestion. I'm guessing I can save the blogs and publish later?

  4. Just post when you want to....that's what I do. Don't stress...make it fun!!